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Message from the President

Welcome to Dominican University College.

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DUC is heir to an 800-year tradition that traces its roots to the first universities across Europe; the Dominican Order established houses of studies (studium generale) in Paris, Cologne, and elsewhere in the 13th century. Continuing in this tradition, DUC promotes the study and development of rational inquiry and Catholic theology through its undergraduate and graduate programs in philosophy and theology, with particular strengths in the study of Ancient Greek philosophy, German Idealism and the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

A peaceful sanctuary at the heart of a bustling city, DUC’s campus is conveniently located within a few blocks of Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court. Beyond an active nightlife and great restaurants, university life in the Nation’s Capital offers many opportunities for hearing internationally renowned speakers and witnessing some of Canada’s best arts and culture.

DUC is a member of a strong global community of Dominican houses of studies at prestigious universities throughout the world such as the Blackfriars, Oxford, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley, and l’École biblique et archéologique française de Jérusalem. International students come from all corners of the globe to study with us, while Canadian students take part in a variety of programs and exchanges. Our research in social justice and the relief of poverty takes an active form through educational experiences in developing countries.

A hallmark of the Dominican Tradition is to engage with contemporary political, ethical and social issues. Our students go on to work in political offices, in the military as ethicists or chaplains, to teach and to practice law or medicine. Critical thinking skills, the ability to perceive clearly the meaning of the written and the spoken word, the ability to hold together a variety of perspectives when forming opinions: these are all valuable and sought after assets which our graduates take with them into the workplace.

In addition to the skills gained from studying in an environment focused on academic excellence, the desire to engage meaningfully with others and with society stems from DUC’s focus on human formation. A humble stance in the face of all that is yet to be discovered fuels a passion for learning.

I warmly welcome you to join us as we discover wisdom together, while pursuing excellence in the academy and in society.

Yours sincerely,

Maxime Allard O.P.