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Academic Writing

Writing academic papers is a critical undertaking in your university journey that requires solid planning as well as a strong grasp of techniques and processes that are unique to the many academic document types that exist. These might be argumentative, narrative, descriptive or expository essays, dissertations or theses. Writing an academic paper of any kind takes some organization, advanced planning and structure. Understanding what is expected of you is essential. 


General Information on Formatting Academic Papers

There are numerous tools and guides on the Internet that can help you structure your academic work. Whether you are asked to write a short paper, a term essay or a full thesis, you can learn about these different formats here. This page presents general guidelines and tools that will help you understand what important elements to include in an academic paper and how to avoid common pitfalls. It will also provide you with some useful tools and resources to guide you in improving your writing skills. Check them out!


Thesis Writing Tools

A brief guide to writing a philosophy paper (Harvard College) 

Writing using the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition) format (for theology students) - an excellent up to date resource to help with formatting and citation management (Purdue University Online Learning Lab)


General Academic Writing Tools

There are a plethora of thematic dictionaries available to find the right word or phrase, from the classic language to synonym-antonym dictionaries, to dictionaries of uses, and sequencing of tenses and expressions. There are also a number of spelling and grammar editing digital applications.



Larousse (French definitions, synonyms, translations, encyclopedia)

Cambridge (definitions, grammar, translations)

Purdue OWL (general writing, grammar, verbs, and sequence of tenses)


Grammar and Spell Correctors

Antidote 8 (corrector, dictionary, various language and writing guides) - accessible at the library

Cordial (correcteur, dictionnaire, règles de grammaire) - basic application in French only

Grammarly (English corrector) - requires a Google Chrome account, enhanced functionalities available with subscription

Using sentence connectors correctly in academic writing 


Writing Guides

Banque de dépannage linguistique - Office de la langue française (French only)

Education First (grammar guide)

Bibliothèque virtuelle (high school level, general reference website) - good basic information for French and English writing


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