Academic Calendar 2018-2019 | Dominican University College



Fall Session (September-December) 2018


  • September 4th:                                     Registration
  • September 6th:                                     Start of the fall session
  • September 24th:                                   Deadline for changes to course selection
  • September 30th:                                   Payment Deadline for Tuition Fees
  • October 8th:                                          Thanksgiving Day 
  • October 8th:                                          Authorized withdrawal deadline
  • October 22nd - October 26th:                Study week
  • December 3rd:                                      Pre-registration for seminars and courses for the winter session
  • December 12th:                                    Last day of class
  • December 14th - December 20th:         Exams


Winter Session (January-April) 2019


  • January 7th:                                        Start of the winter session
  • January 21st:                                      Deadline for changes to course selection
  • January 26th:                                      St. Thomas Aquinas Feast Day
  • January 31st:                                      Payment Deadline for Tuition Fees
  • February 15th:                                    Authorized withdrawal deadline
  • February 18th - February 22nd:          Study Week
  • April 17th:                                           End of courses
  • April 18th - April 22nd:                        Easter holidays
  • April 22nd -  April 29th:                       Exams

Graduation Ceremony: Sunday, March 31st, 2019