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Faculty of Philosophy

Welcome to the Faculty of Philosophy at Dominican University College.
Philosophy is the investigation of  fundamental questions regarding reality, knowledge, truth, reasoning, being, transcendence, God, the good, language, politics, friendship, art, values, and many other important topics.  
The Faculty offers a variety of undergraduate programs, from one to four years in duration, covering a wide range of fields in the history of philosophy and systematic philosophy. Depending on your choice of courses within the Faculty and partner universities, the undergraduate programs will prepare you for graduate studies in philosophy or in various areas of the humanities.  Studying philosophy will also equip you to succeed in working environments where critical reasoning, analytical skills and a sound cultural background are invaluable assets.
DUC, because of its graduate programs in philosophy, is renowned as a premiere destination in Canada for the study of the history of philosophy and metaphysics, as well as continental philosophy and its historical antecedents. Ancient and medieval philosophy, epistemology, modern German philosophy, continental contemporary European thought, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of language, aesthetics and philosophy of values are specific strengths of the Faculty of Philosophy.
The quality of the guidance given to students, the competency of its professors and its approach to teaching philosophical texts are the Faculty’s distinguishing characteristics. Students are encouraged to read the original works rather than relying on secondary sources. This helps them develop rigorous work methods and confidence in studying authors and philosophical issues. The Faculty strives to promote dialogue focused on careful examination of all lines of thought, in the great Dominican tradition of the exploration of knowledge and the quest for truth.
I invite you to browse the site and find out more about our faculty, its objectives, its programs of study and its activities offered throughout the academic year, such as conferences, symposiums and roundtables.  
Come be part of the Faculty of Philosophy where you will share a rich, unique intellectual experience and become well-positioned to face the challenges in your future. 


The late Eduardo Andújar
(Jean-François Méthot, Acting Dean)