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Theology: for those who are not afraid to ask questions!

Religion is not fashionable today, that’s the least we could say. For several decades now, Western society has not only distanced itself from religious institutions and the faith that supports them but, above all, has witnessed a largescale questioning of our Christian heritage.

If we dig a little deeper, it becomes clear that this important decline stems from a type of fear…fear of asking questions, fear of commitment, fear of responsibility, fear of what I cannot control or what surpasses me.

Theology, however, is geared toward those who are not afraid to ask questions in the domain of religion—sometimes provocative or destabilizing questions : is there a God? If so, who is he? What does he do? How can I know?

Theology: for explorers!

In order to become a theologian today, it is important to be like an explorer leaving for unknown land. To become a theologian, it is necessary to have a curiosity that surpasses that which is seen and heard, a willingness to avoid falling for the superficial or the poorly argued. Theology is for those who are not afraid to dive not into the unknown…but into the “mystery”.

Theology: for adventurers!

To study theology today, one cannot be afraid to go against the grain. One needs a truly adventurous spirit! Though it is possible to know the starting point, but we do not know where our theological reflections will lead us. Theological work is an adventure that is above all a challenge: my intellect trying to comprehend the divine.

The small Faculty of Theology at Dominican University College certainly invites all those who are possessed of this desire to dive into the divine mystery but, above all, we invite those who are interested in a mystery that is well thought-out and well-argued. On this website, those who believe that they possess this curiosity can find the various programmes offered by the Faculty, whether is at the undergraduate, masters, or doctoral levels.

We look forward to welcoming you into our classrooms,

Hervé Tremblay, o.p.

Dean, Faculty of Theology