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Marie-Thérèse Nadeau CND

Marie-Thérèse Nadeau CND

Professor, Faculty of theology
T 613-233-5696 ext : 310
Office: 310

A native of the City of Québec, I joined the Congrégation de Notre-Dame at the time of the Second Vatican Council. Hoping to pursue a career in teaching, I chose to be part of this community dedicated to education. My wish came true. Very soon I was offered the opportunity to teach at the secondary level, in both the private and public sectors. After a few years, I had the great privilege of undertaking studies in theology at Ottawa’s Dominican University College (DUC). Having completed the Master of Arts in Theology program, I was invited to teach certain courses at the Faculty of Theology, as a way of gauging my interest and aptitude in the field. Needless to say, I accepted the invitation wholeheartedly, well aware of the challenges inherent in such a major responsibility. Since the experience proved positive, I went to Paris where I earned a joint doctorate in theology and religious sciences from the Institut catholique de Paris and Paris IV, Sorbonne.

Following my graduate studies abroad, I returned to DUC, as planned, where I began teaching sacramental theology in connection with my area of expertise, among other courses. In addition, for 21 years, I performed various administrative duties: Master of Studies, Registrar, Vice-Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Theology. At the same time, I conducted research, published several articles and books, taught courses at other universities, and led numerous sessions and retreats in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick for highly diverse groups. From my very first day of teaching until now, the same goals have motivated me: help people discover the urgency of developing an intelligent faith, awaken in them an unwavering passion for truth, an ever-growing love for this life and the one beyond signalling its fulfillment, and an increasingly intense thirst for excellence, whatever their field of engagement.

Recent Courses:
Past Courses:
  • Anthropologie biblique
  • Baptême et confirmation
  • Révélation de Dieu dans l'Ancien Testament
  • La Grâce


Silence. La plus belle des paroles, Montréal, Médiaspaul, 2017.

Un besoin fou d’espérance, Montréal, Médiaspaul, 2016.

Voir la souffrance autrement, Montréal, Médiaspaul, 2015.       

La Solitude : malheur ou chance? Montréal, Éditions Médiaspaul, 2013.

L’art de vivre pleinement, Montréal, Éditions Médiaspaul, 2012.

L’ultime réalisation de soi, Montréal, Éditions Médiaspaul, 2011.

Repenser le corps humain, Montréal, Éditions Médiaspaul, 2010.   



« Qu’adviendra-t-il de la souveraineté du Christ à la fin des temps? » Science et Esprit, 55/1, (2003), p.61-74.

« Pourquoi un sacrement du pardon? » Prêtre et Pasteur, février 2004, Eucaristia. Memoria e presença do Senhor, Sâo Paulo, Paulines, (Coll. Adultos en Christo), 2005.