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 Maxime Allard




 Vice-President of Studies


 Francis Peddle




 Vice-President, Finance and Administration


 Peter Foy




 Dean, Faculty of Philosophy


 Eduardo Andújar




 Professors, Faculty of Philosophy


 Iva Apostolova


 Graeme Hunter


 Jean-François Méthot


 Pierre Métivier

 313  Christopher Sauder


 Dean, Faculty of Theology


 Didier Caenepeel




 Professors, Faculty of Theology


 Claude Auger


 John Doutre


 Emmanuel Durand


 Michel Gourgues


 Marie-Thérèse Nadeau


 Louis Roy


 Hervé Tremblay






 Director of Graduate Studies in Philosophy


 Mark Nyvlt



   Centre for New Questions in Ethics, Technology, and   Society

 Marie Antonios Sassine






 Joseph Goski, Director of Communications and Public  Relations


 Michelle Dabrowska, Communications and Recruitment  Officer


 Léo Beaulne, IT Coordinator


 Catherine Marquis, Online Education Specialist





 Caroline Vandergoten, Assistant Registrar


 Micheline Lalonde, Academic Services Secretary


 Edi Miltcheva, Administrative Agent






 Philip Fraser, Librarian


 Merid Hailu Habte, Assistant Librarian






 Scott Ventureyra, Bookstore Clerk