Conferences offered by the Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas | Dominican University College


Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 19:30 to 21:00
via Zoom


Conferences offered by the Lawrence Dewan Chair in Philosophy and Saint Thomas Aquinas during the 2020-2021 academic year


The conferences are offered as part of the Lawrence Dewan Chair and are endowed in 2020 by the George and Helene Vari Foundation.

The first two conferences will take place via Zoom starting from 7:30 p.m EST. To register, please, send an email to A zoom link will be shared approximately 24 hours before the start of the conference.


1er décembre 2020 : Thomas d’Aquin en professeur ou comment envisager une philosophie de l’enseignement

Thomas d’Aquin a été, sa vie dominicaine durant, un professeur et un prêcheur. Il a enseigné à l’université et dans des studium de l’Ordre. Les historiens s’entendent sur l’impact de sa pratique dans le monde de l’enseignement d’alors et pour plusieurs siècles.  Dans cette conférence, je mettrai de l’avant les options pédagogiques et andragogiques qui soutiennent son approche pour mettre en lumière l’intérêt de celles-ci pour aujourd’hui afin de ne pas cantonner les textes de Thomas d’Aquin au musée des idées. J’insisterai tant sur sa conception de la relation entre les partenaires de l’acte d’enseigner que sur sa façon pratique de poser et déterminer le questionnement.


December 8th 2020 : Aquinas, social interactions and virtuous acknowledgments

In the margins of justice, Thomas Aquinas discussed a constellation of human interactions that resist being reduced to either contracts (commutative justice) or social recognition (distributive justice). He articulated a complex argumentation a) to insure their specificity would be ethically taken into consideration and b) to unfold their importance in the coming of an economic, social and political where one is not a wolf to another, nor simply a threat to or an instrument of my personal interests. In order to do so, this conference will explore Summa theologiae, IIaIIae, questions 101 to 119.


January 28th 2021 : Submissions, subjection and sacrifice. A Thomistic note to celebrate a way for philosophy and theology

January 28th is annually the liturgical commemoration of Saint Thomas Aquinas. On this occasion the Lawrence Dewan Chair on Thomas Aquinas and Philosophy is happy to propose a conference on human interaction, focusing on concepts that receive negative connotations: submission, subjection and sacrifice. Attentive to the latin subtleties of the conceptual construction of Aquinas, this conference would like to propose a fresh way of integrating critically these concepts to better describe and assess ethically the interactions at stake.

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