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Latin Reading Group


Latin Reading Group
Text: Leibniz - Causa Dei

Fall 2017 - Faculty of Philosophy

The Causa Dei is a technical and focused summary of Leibniz’s major work, La Théodicée (Theodicy), published in 1710. It consists of 144 short, numbered paragraphs and first appeared in print as a Latin appendix to that French work.

Simplicity and fecundity were two of the fundamental principles of Leibniz’s thought and he liked to summarize his own philosophy as a way of demonstrating that it possessed both those properties.

The Latin of the Causa Dei is fairly simple, but just stylish enough to be challenging in places. The philosophy is exceptionally clear. It is an ideal text for translation and discussion, providing a moderate challenge for translators and a wide field of reflection for philosophers.

The Reading Group is open to interested students or faculty of Dominican University College, University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University, or Carleton University. At least intermediate Latin will be necessary. We may translate and discuss a section or two together in our first meeting. At the end of each meeting, beginning with the first, an assignment of 1 or more sentences will be given to each participant. In the subsequent meeting we will as a group examine and, where possible, improve, each translation, and discuss philosophical points arising from the text.

The meeting time will be scheduled to suit the timetables of the greatest number of those who have expressed an interest. We are hoping to find a convenient time at either 5-6:30 pm, or 6:30-8 pm on a normal business day, i.e., Monday to Friday. In other words there are 10 different possible slots from Monday at 5pm to Friday at 6:30pm. If you are interested, please let Graeme Hunter know your available times before Friday, September 22. The time of the meeting will be determined at that time. Anyone interested can also join later, but will have no input in the time of the meetings.


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