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Build the Intelligence of Faith

Dominican University College (DUC) offers a space for intellectually-curious, ambitious Catholics eager to learn the principles of their faith and confront modern questions with confidence. Through interest courses, programs, and workshops, DUC helps students make informed, critical decisions in the workplace and become leaders in their parish and local communities.



Discover the depth of your faith

Interest Courses


 Interest Courses

 Discover various courses in theology and philosophy offered in the evening or weekends to better fit your schedule.




Theology Programs 

 Theology Programs

 Engage yourself within rigorous theological reflection, as well as profound human formation. Through a deeper understanding of the Christian mystery, become a strong and informed leader, ready to serve with prudence and wisdom.




Faculty of philosophy


 Philosophy Programs

 Central to the mission of the university, the study of philosophy forms minds to be critical and creative. Discover DUC's undergraduate and graduate fully accredited philosophy programs. 







Holding over 120,000 volumes and over 400 periodicals specialised in philosophy and theology, discover the library shelves of DUC. The atmosphere is quiet and contemplative, plus there is always a free desk to work at.

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