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About the CETS

Advances in science and their translation into technologies and technical capabilities have brought humanity into uncharted ethical territories. Indeed, it can be argued that we are compelled to conduct a fresh enquiry into what constitutes a human being. Science and technology today have shaken up the traditional frameworks of the way we look at the nature and limits of the body, gender, community, society, to name just a few. New knowledge is giving rise to unprecedented situations whose very “ethicity”, to use the Belgian philosopher, Jean Ladrière’s, term, is obscured and rendered difficult to discern.

Within this context, The Centre for New Questions in Ethics, Technology, Society (CETS), at Dominican University College, sees itself as an open space of research and dialogue, both on the theoretical and practical level. The centre views its primary focus in articulating and deepening research aimed at clarifying the new ethical questions and potential responses that technological and scientific advances are presenting to individuals, communities, and society. Its mandate will revolve around three axes:

  • Philosophical research,
  • Practical training,
  • Dialogue and advice


How to reach us

You can reach us by sending an email to cets@dominicanu.ca