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Based at Dominican University College, the Centre is composed of the Executive Director (Marie Antonios Sassine), Director of Research (Iva Apostolova), and the Deputy Director (Joe Goski). The Centre reports directly to the President of Dominican University College (Maxime Allard).


Marie Antonios Sassine, Ph.D.

Executive Director


Marie Sassine, Ph.D.

Dr. Marie Antonios Sassine's primary areas of focus are phenomenology, continental philosophy, philosophy of science, and Islamic and Arabic philosophy. She has given conferences and published articles on the creative imagination in Ibn'Arabi and Philo of Alexandria, on Jan Patocka and Plato, as well as on Husserl and Jean Ladrière and their critique of technique. Her current research focuses on technology as a specific relation to truth, its mathematical underpinnings, and their consequent transformation of public and social spaces.





Iva Apostolova, Ph.D.

Director of Research

Iva Apostolova, Ph.D.


Dr. Iva Apostolova holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa. Her main areas of research are Analytic Philosophy, especially the philosophy of the early analytic philosopher Bertrand Russell, Feminist Thought, and Applied Ethics (especially Biomedical Ethics). Recently, she has been working on issues in philosophy of memory and philosophy of personal identity. Dr Apostolova has publications on euthanasia, the role of women in the military, animal rights and compassion, disability and ageing, caring masculinities, the metaphysics and epistemology of neutral monism, as well as the relational account of memory.
Dr Aposolova has formal training in the methodology of Philosophy for Children with one of the founders of the program, Dr. Ann-Margaret Sharp.