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Collaboration Tools for Learning

Collaboration is an essential skill to cultivate all through your academic journey and beyond. It is inextricably linked with critical thinking skills, effective communication and problem-solving skills, all of which are also valuable competencies for successful lifelong learning. Collaboration fosters positive relationships with your peers, allows you to learn and contribute to the learning of others. It enables you to co-construct new knowledge, meaning and content on a given subject. Developing strong collaboration skills helps you to better manage conflict and develop respect for a diversity of perspectives. Good collaboration can facilitate networking with different learning communities and groups.

There are many different ways to collaborate with your classmates. Collaboration can happen in the classroom or online. Group work and class discussions are two examples of face to face collaboration. Alternatively, there are numerous Internet tools that can facilitate online collaboration such as discussion forums or communities of practice and Web applications to promote collaborative authoring such as blogs or Google Docs. You may be required to work with some of these tools during the course of your studies and the information found here can support you in mastering their use. 




  • Blogs are a place where you can reflect on course readings, ask probing questions, develop an argument or position on a given subject.
  • Blogs can be used as a personal diary, used to submit opinion pieces or provide real-time commentary on current issues.
  • Blogs can foster ongoing interactions/exchanges with classmates and the professor outside of the classroom. 
  • Blogs can promote open dialogue and encourage community building and allows for the exchange of opinions, ideas, and attitudes.
  • The use of blogs develops digital literacy skills.


Creating a blog: 

  • Follow these steps to create your own blog on Blogger.
  • You can also consider this webpage on blogging basics if you have never used a blog before. 


Collaborative Authoring Applications


Collaborative authoring involves the use of a web-based tool to create a document (word document file or presentation, etc), which can be edited by the multiple members of a group.  It allows you to keep track of changes to and versions of a shared document, avoid emailing back and forth with corrections and suggestions.  You can easily publish the document online through Internet applications such as Google Docs, Wiki, Zoho. 

Creating a collaborative document: 

Take a look at this tutorial to create your own shared Google Doc document with your classmates. 

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