Orientation to Academic Life | Dominican University College

Orientation to Academic Life

Congratulations and Welcome to DUC!

Entering University for the very first time can be overwhelming. Adjusting to academic life, perhaps away from home for the first time, and beginning the journey toward obtaining a University degree requires determination, dedication and good study habits. DUC wants you to succeed in this endeavour and will support you along the way. This workshop is intended for first year students who are coming from high school. The 30-minute session will provide basic but useful information on the resources and tools at your disposal throughout your studies. 

Be sure to check out the Learning Tips and Tricks webpage often for additional information on:

  • how to study effectively
  • how to take good notes in class
  • how to best manage your time and balance between school and work or family obligations 
  • how to manage stress 
  • how to engage in social and other academic activities offered by the DUC
  • and many other relevant topics


Orientation and Registration Day for the 2018-2019 Academic Year



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