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Student Services

All new Dominican students receive a Student Identity Card which is valid for 3 years. The card grants students access to the library and grants them a preferred rate at the Dominican University bookstore. 

DUC students have access to courses at Carleton and to the library. They can register for these services by getting a form from offices 206 and 209. In order to enrol in Carleton courses, students need to get the approval of the Dean of their Faculty as well as at Carleton. A form and information outlining the procedure is available in Room 209. DUC students have onsite rights to all the research engines and electronic journals at Carleton. 

Various work and scholastic opportunities are available to DUC students. Several work at the university library, while others are offered various research and assistantships. The Dominican Order of Preachers are a network through which students have found employment or internships at the United Nations, in the mission fields, and at various universities around the world.