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@dominicanu.ca Email Account

As a regular student, registered at DUC, you have been given a DUC email address firstname.lastname@dominicanu.ca. This email address is linked to Google applications. It gives you access to a shared student calendar, Google groups and a Google drive where you can save documents that can be shared with your peers. You also have access to a blogging site (Blogger) if required in some of your courses and many other useful or interesting applications. This email address will be used by DUC to inform you of important dates, events and other relevant administrative information to help you manage your academic journey at DUC.


Linking Your DUC Email to One or More Existing Personal Email(s)

If you currently use a personal email other than your new @dominicanu.ca address, you can link the two, so that emails that you receive from either appear in your @dominicanu.ca inbox. To link email mail accounts from a Gmail or other email provider, access your settings, select the account tab and add your personal email address under "check email from other accounts" as shown below. 

linking email

Accessing The Shared Student Calendar

The shared student calendar is regularly updated with events, conferences, workshops and AECDO organized social activities that you may find interesting. In addition to this information, key academic dates are indicated (e.g. deadlines for course changes, exam periods, registration deadlines, etc.). It is strongly encouraged to visit the calendar to stay current on what is happening at DUC.  

To access the calendar from your @dominicanu.ca email account, follow these simple instructions. 

1. From your @dominicanu.ca account, select the calendar application.

2. Cut and paste the following link into the text box under “Other calendars”.


3. Click enter. The newly added calendar will appear under "other calendars". You now have access to view.


shared calendar

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