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Dominicus 3.0.1

Dominicus 3.0.1 is DUC’s electronic course management portal. This is the gateway where professors will share with you the essential course information. The main functions of Dominicus allow you to:

  • Register for your courses each semester;
  • Access your final course grades;
  • View your personalized course schedule;
  • Access course materials (e.g. lessons and readings, assignments, messages from your professor);
  • Submit assignments and papers online (this function is enabled by your professor);
  • Access digital libraries (JSTOR, EBSCO, Philosopher’s Index).


Access Dominicus here

Your First Access to the Dominicus Portal

When you first registered at DUC, you were assigned a student number which corresponds to your username in Dominicus. You were also provided with a temporary password found in an activation email sent to you by the assistant registrar.

1. It is strongly recommended that you change your temporary password during your first access to the Dominicus portal. You can do this by selecting the Profile tab of the main scroll down menu (top left corner of the Home page). Be aware that only you will have access to your new password and it should be well protected. It is also recommended that you update your contact information in the Profile tab.

2. You must register for your courses for the semester. By choosing the Registration tab in the main scroll down menu, select the appropriate semester and click on Register for Courses. Your final course selection must be approved by the Dean of your Faculty.

3. When your courses have been approved, you will have access to your personalized course schedule. To view this, select Schedule from the Home page or main menu. Select the correct semester.

4. To view your course documentation, click on the Courses tab and select the appropriate session and course.   


Steps to Install the Dominicus Mobile App.

Installation for iPhones and iPads

Installation for Android devices


Caveats and Limitations to the Dominicus Portal

Connection issues

1. Make sure that you select « yes » to the question «  Are you a student? » on the Main page.

 2. Verify that you have entered the right student number (starting with Moxxxxxx) and the correct password.

3. If you forget your password, you can request a new temporary password that will be sent to your email address.

4. However, if you do not receive the Activate/Reset Account email after 30 minutes, please contact or dial extension 310.


Issues Related to Uploading Documents

Your professor will determine if you can submit your assignments or papers online. If you are allowed to do so, it is advisable to submit your documents in a pdf format. Please note that you cannot use special characters (accents, symbols or hyphens) in the naming of your document. the maximum size of a document submitted via Dominicus is 32Mb.

The documents that can be uploaded to Dominicus are limited to .doc or docx, pdf, ppt or pptx, xls ou xslx, mp4


 Limitations of the Dominicus Portal

Here are a few current limitations of the Dominicus 3.0.1 portal. If you encounter other issues that are not listed here, please contact or submit a Technical Support request by selecting the Support icon found at the bottom of every Dominicus page.

  • The messages function in the Course Materials page does not allow students to communicate directly with each other via the portal.
  • Access to the online libraries in the Resources tab is only possible through a DUC Wi-Fi connection (cannot be accessed from an outside connection).



For any additional troubleshooting issue or question, please contact the assistant registrar at extension 310 or by email at Please note that this service is not available 24/7. We will respond to your inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.

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