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Featured Courses in Philosophy

2016 - 2017


Reading Adorno's Minima Moralia Today

Tuesdays, May 2 to late June 2017, and from mid until late August for the conclusion
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Professor: Maxime Allard
Course Code: DPHY 4382-5472-6472

Over generations, the School of Frankfurt has proposed various critical perspectives on contemporary society and has made several diagnostics on the damage that it inflicts to humans. In Minima Moralia, Adorno put in place a form of criticism that is rooted in a double option. The first: in the present conditions of existence, freedom and happiness, morality and justice, the good for an individual or a society can be determined only negatively, as in reversed forms. The second, more intermittent but no less powerful: dramatically positive experiences exist, developed in the shadow of temporalities explored by Proust and Benjamin. Minima Moralia offers itself as a type of philosophical practice dating back to the origins of philosophy: the teaching of the good life. In the seminar, after presenting the literary, historical and philosophical context of Minima Moralia, we will explore the structure and issues of this fascinating book. Students will be asked to present, analyze and discuss various sections of the book.  

Maxime Allard

Bio: Professor Maxime Allard is professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and also gives lectures in the Faculty of Theology. His areas of research include philosophy of the 17th century (Descartes, Malebranche and Spinoza), philosophy of religion, hermeneutics and political philosophy. He received his B. Ph, B.Th and M.A. Th from DUC, a Masters degree in philosophy from the University of Ottawa and his Ph.D. in theology from Laval University (Québec). He has been teaching at DUC since 1994.