Degree Programs | Dominican University College


Ranging from three to four years in duration, DUC’s undergraduate degree programs are renowned for their intellectual rigour. Free inquiry and academic liberty has a strong tradition within the institution. Students are encouraged to develop their own study topics provided they are within the general rubric of the course. Thanks to this favorable learning environment, a high percentage of DUC undergraduates have been awarded funding for graduate work in prestigious scholarship competitions. DUC graduates have also performed very well on graduate entrance examinations such as the GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT.

DUC undergraduates are encouraged to study in both official languages. There is personalized language training available at DUC to perfect language skills. Degree programs range from three to four years (90 to 120 credits) and offer a variety of options for students interested in philosophy, theology or ethics, or a combination thereof. As an affiliate of Carleton University, DUC students are able to develop their knowledge and interests in wide variety of academic disciplines.