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Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Philosophy


The Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Philosophy is a three-year program intended for those who wish to acquire a broad philosophical culture and an understanding of concepts and structures of thought that will help them in their career, whatever their field of expertise. The core requirements for this program are designed to foster critical thinking, to provide the students with an understanding of main philosophical doctrines and arguments of the central figures of the history of philosophy, as well as a good level of knowledge of the formal techniques of evaluating arguments. The first year is of special interest to students who want to further their general education before choosing a specific discipline, such as law, journalism or management studies, and pursue their career at other universities.

In Summary

Bachelor of Arts with concentration in Philosophy – B.A.Ph. is a 3 year program.

Requirements: 90 credits, with a minimum of 48 credits in Philosophy, 12 credits in Humanities and 30 additional credits.




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Title Course Code Language Semester Time Academic Year
The Main Doctrinal Currents in the Middle Ages DPHY 1211 English Winter Thursday, 8:30a.m.-11:20a.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Russian Philosophy DPHY 2458 English Fall Wednesday, 5:30p.m.-8:30p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Réfléchir philosophiquement.../Philosophical Engagements... DPHI/DPHY 4461-5461-6461 Bilingual - Bilingue Summer Premier cours 6 mai à 19h00, First Class, May 6th at 7:00 PM, *Horaire à déterminé avec étudiants au 1er cours, *Schedule TBD with students during first class 2020-21
Readings in Modern Philosophy (16th – 19th Centuries) DPHY 2340 English Winter TBD 2020-21
Political Philosophy DPHY 3663 English Winter Thursday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m. 2020-21
Philosophy of Love DPHY 3675 English Winter TBD 2020-21
Philosophy of Law DPHY 3841 English Winter Tuesday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Neo-Platonism DPHY 2212 English Winter Monday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Metaphysics DPHY 3640 English Winter TBD 2020-21
Logic II DPHY 2805 English Winter Wednesday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Logic I DPHY 1103 English Fall Thursday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Kant DPHY 2334 English Winter TBD 2020-21
Introduction to Philosophy DTHY 1100 English Fall Tuesday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Experiential learning in Voluntary Work DPHY 4005 English 2020-21
Ethics I DPHY 2560 English Fall Thursday, 8:30a.m.-11:20a.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Currents in Phenomenology I DPHY 2845 English Winter TBD 2020-21
Current Issues in Ethics DPHY 2664 English Winter TBD 2020-21
Critical Thinking and Research Methodology DPHY 1104 English Fall Tuesday, 8:30a.m.-11:20a.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Business Ethics DPHY 3528 English Fall Thursday, 5:30p.m.-8:30p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Ancient Greek Philosophy DPHY 1210 English Fall Monday/Wednesday, 1:30p.m.-4:20p.m., *Subject to change 2020-21
Analytic Philosophy DPHY 2442 English Winter TBD 2020-21