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Bachelor of Philosophy with a minor in Ethics

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The Bachelor of Philosophy with a minor in Ethics is a four-year program for students looking to obtain an in-depth knowledge of Philosophy and Ethics in order to pursue graduate studies in the field. Studies for the first two years range from the Greek philosophers to modern and postmodern philosophers, in an attempt to understand and link the various currents of philosophical thought and acquire a broad philosophical culture. Following the first two years of studies, this degree with an optional minor in Ethics gives the students the possibility of pursuing their studies with an in-depth knowledge of ethical issues.

The main academic objective of the program is to provide a level of philosophical culture and discourse for graduate studies in Philosophy, theoretical and argumentative strategies in philosophical and ethical problem-solving, as well as foster analytic skills for ethical problems through case-studies, and the ability to facilitate training or discussion sessions in ethics for organizations. A BPh Oral Examination is required as a prerequisite for pursuing graduate studies in philosophy at the Dominican University College. The program may include a one-month practical internship in India with the NGO SOPAR, in a program of international cooperation, or a three-month internship with the Permanent Mission of Holy See in the United Nations. Both internships provide the interns with the occasion to deal in practical terms with issues of international development, human rights, education, social justice and peace.

In Summary

The Bachelor of Philosophy with a minor in Ethics – B.Ph.(Eth.) is a 4 year honours program.

Requirements: 120 credits, with a minimum of 66 credits in Philosophy and 24 additional credits. The option also requires 30 credits in Ethics, which could include a field work placement.


A word about your studies in philosophy and ethics

During your studies, you will be pushed to spot unfounded assumptions and build more logical arguments. Ethics at DUC develops fundamental skills in critical thinking and immerses you in historical and contemporary ethical problems. Students acquire the ability to see the broad framework supporting concrete ethical dilemmas. Philosophy paired with a minor in ethics teaches you to open new possibilities, find ethical solutions for complex problems, and to make connections across a variety of perspectives. Our students go on to work in a variety of different fields, such as education, the health care field, politics, and business.




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