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Interest Courses in Philosophy and Theology

DUC welcomes anyone with an interest in philosophy or theology to audit interest courses. Students who take interest courses without seeking a grade or credit for the course are given auditor status. At DUC, auditors can register for up to 8 credits per semester and do not require any prior knowledge or qualifications to take an interest course. Also, registration into a certificate or degree program is not required. 

If you're auditing a course you'll be expected to complete all course requirements except the final exam, and your transcript will show your status as an auditor for the course. After completing a limited number of courses and achieving a reasonable level of academic success, you may be eligible to enrol in a full-time program of studies. 




Registration process for interest courses


Auditors are not required to submit an application package.  Simply register online by clicking on the button of your interest course(s) below or complete the course registration form found here for the desired course(s) and submit the completed form in person at the Office of the Registrar (Office 310) or send by mail to:

Office of the Registrar
96 Empress Ave. 
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 7G3

For more information regarding course availability, or to make an appointment to register, please email us at or call us 613-233-5696 (x310).


Faculty of Theology

Spring/Summer 2019

John of the Cross as a Spiritual Guide

6 evenings, from 7pm to 9pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays: May 21, 23, 28, 30; June 4 and 6, 2019.
Professor: Louis Roy
One-credit undergraduate course

In this course, students will explore various teachings by the great Carmelite Saint John of the Cross, doctor of the church. There will be lectures by the professor, conversations with peers, questions raised by students, discussions in class of texts previously read at home, and a written essay (optional). 

You will learn to properly interpret the thought of John of the Cross. You will also find, in his observations and recommendations, concrete assistance for your life of prayer.

Click here for the syllabus.



Faculty of Philosophy

Spring/Summer 2019


The Frankfurt School: Approaches to "Religion"

Thursdays, 7:00pm
Professor: Maxime Allard
Course Code: DPHY 4367-5467-6467

Continuing the exploratory surveys in the corpus of the so-called Frankfurt School authors undertaken at CUD for some years, this seminar proposes to pay attention, this time, to the approaches of "religion" by these authors. After a general mise en situation to introduce a broader philosophical and historical problem, some texts by Horkheimer and Habermas will serve as pivots for the sessions of this seminar. They will pave the way for the reading of texts by Adorno, Bloch, among others. 

The seminar will take place from May to August. 

3 credits
FIRST Seminar Day and Time: Thursday at 7 p.m. During this first meeting the schedule (time and day) will be discussed and established.
Beginning of Class: May 2nd, 2019
Location : Dominican University College, Room 202
For more information on this seminar, contact,



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