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Interest Courses in Theology

Spring-Summer 2018


Explorations into Spiritualities (DTHY 4566) - One-credit course

Evening Course

Course description

In this course, students will explore various types of Christian spirituality: monastic (both Western and Eastern), Benedictine, Dominican, Franciscan, Jesuit, Carmelite, Protestant, Anglican, École française, Romantic, Lay. They will situate the emergence of each of them in its respective historical period. There will be lectures by the professor, conversations with peers, questions raised by students, discussions in class of texts previously read at home, and a written essay (optional).

General Objectives

To get a sense of the numerous spiritualities in Christianity, with an appreciation of each of them.

For each student to be able to identify one’s own spirituality.

To be able to respect and value the spirituality of other people.

Credit requirements

Attendance and participation in class (60%) and a written essay for the credit (40%).

A guiding sheet will be provided for the written essay.


Class schedule: 6 evenings, from 7pm - 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. May 22, 24, 29 and 31; June 5 and 7, 2018

Spring Semester

Professor: Louis Roy, O.P.

Fees: $164 (regular) ; $123 (persons 60 years or older)
An administrative fee of $125 applies to regular students registering for their first course of the academic year. The administrative fee is $90 for seniors (60 years or older).



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