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Ways of Praying (DTHY 4565)


Looking to further develop your prayer life, but would like some guidance? Would you like to learn how to pray from the saints of the Christian tradition?

This course will offer students an opportunity to identify more clearly their own way of praying, to ponder various methods and to sympathetically understand ways practised by other people.

Various types of prayer will be examined: in the Bible, in St. Thomas Aquinas, among Eastern Orthodox Christians, among modern prayerful people, Catholic and Protestant. Spiritual and psychological aspects of maturing in prayer will also be discussed.

The course is suitable for Christians interested in developing their life of prayer. Working professionals, retired individuals, and students are all welcome. The course can be taken for credit or as an auditor.


Class schedule: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7 - 9 pm

May 23, 25, and 30; June 1, 6, and 8

Fees: $160 (regular) ; $120 (persons 60 years or older)
An administrative fee of $125 applies to students registering for their first course of the academic year




Louis Roy, O.P.

Professor: Louis Roy

Louis Roy is a member of the Dominican Order and has taught in the Faculty of theology at DUC since 2006. He received his masters in philosophy from DUC and his doctorate from the University of Cambridge. He taught at l'Institut de pastorale du Collège dominicain for seven years and at Boston College for twenty years. His principal interests lie in the study of spirituality and mysticism, the question of God, revelation, the person of Jesus Christ, interreligous dialogue, and Christianity’s inculturation. He gives courses on those topics.



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