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At the Dominican University College (DUC), the Master of Arts in Theology trains students to carry out high quality theological research and develop creative solutions to complex pastoral problems. Through a study of exegesis, systematics, and moral theology, students at the masters level delve into the key themes of the theological tradition in order to better articulate the Christian message for today's world. The Master of Arts in Theology program is ideal for students preparing for a ministry in the Church that requires critical and creative thinking to meet today’s pastoral problems.

The program seeks to help students develop an original contribution to one of the two fields of theological studies at DUC:


Exegesis: Old and New Testament, history of the Bible
Church history: history of dogmas and of the Church

Theological reflection

Systematic theology: God, Trinity, Revelation, theological anthropology
Ethics: moral theology, social engagement of Christians.

DUC offers guaranteed scholarships for students maintaining a B+ average and above. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply for a range of federal and provincial fellowships and scholarships. In addition, there are DUC teaching, research and mentoring assistantships, as well as travel grants, for which students can apply.

Life at DUC

Located in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, the Dominican University College is a bilingual university specializing in the study of philosophy and theology. With around half of its student body registered at the graduate level, DUC is a research institution focused on promoting original and topical research on problems related to philosophy and theology. DUC offers generous scholarships to our students, particularly at the graduate level. Our affiliation with Carleton University gives students access to a wide range of resources and to Carleton’s well-recognized reputation. Finally, DUC partners with several universities and organisations in Europe and elsewhere in the world in order to allow students to participate in exchange programs or internships.

If you are thinking of graduate studies in theology and you seek a university dedicated to research and the growth of its students, then consider pursuing your studies at DUC. Leave us your contact information and we'll get back to you promptly in order to help you discover more about DUC!

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