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One-On-One Peer Mentoring

The goal of the peer mentoring service is to provide you with guidance and support in the preparation of your assignments or presentations, on an individual basis. Your mentor will not do the writing or presentation for you, but he/she may suggest strategies and tools to help you complete your assignments. This will help you develop your academic skills in a manner that is consistent with your discipline. Meeting with your mentor can also provide you with the opportunity for receiving feedback from a "live reader" before you submit an assignment. Your mentor can discuss your overall writing process and help you present your ideas in a manner that comes across clearly to your readers.

If you need some guidance or advice on writing assignments or if you are struggling with the preparation of term essays, you can contact your mentors directly by phone.

Faculty of theology: 613-233-5696 extension 190 or 202.

Faculty of philosophy: Please send an email to the address below. 

You can also send us an email at to schedule an appointment with a mentor. We will get back to you with a response within 48 hours of your request. Please indicate the nature of the help that you require. 


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