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Student Course Evaluation Online


Toward the end of every course that you have completed, you will be invited to fill out a course evaluation form online, regardless of your registration status. The evaluation consists of a set of questions about the effectiveness of the course and its instruction in the context of your own learning experience. Honest and constructive student feedback is a valuable part of ensuring that the pedagogical quality of courses remains high across the university. We request that you take part in evaluating all the courses that you are taking and respond thoughtfully to the questions. Your answers remain anonymous and can be used for course improvement if required.

Please note: The Registrar's office will not release final grades for any course unless the student has completed a course evaluation for that course. 

Completing the Online Student Course Evaluation - A Three-Step Process

  1. Two weeks before the end of classes, you will receive a separate email for each of the courses that you are registered to (in your email). 
  2. Retrieve and click on the hyperlink to the course evaluation questionnaire that can be found in the email message. 
  3. Complete the evaluation questionnaire and click Submit. 


Powerpoint Presentation- Student Course Evaluations (online format)



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