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The Canadian Aristotle Society


A Community of Scholars Dedicated to the Study of Aristotle

The Society

The purpose of the bilingual Canadian Aristotle Society is to establish a Centre wherein the themes of Aristotle, along with the Aristotelian tradition, are kept alive by way of either conferences or eventually publications. The spirit of this Society will be speculative and classical in nature, though this does not exclude the analytical and continental traditions. That the Faculty of Philosophy at Dominican University College will house this Society can only enrich its mission to sustain the Aristotelian spirit by both the Anglophone and Francophone communities in Canada and beyond. The intention is to make this Society into a dynamic Centre that will attract primarily Aristotelian scholars, but also scholars and interested parties from various other disciplines, such as classics, theology, politics, art, etc. 


The Canadian Aristotle Society will regularly organize activities that intend to foster a scholarly community and share insights about Aristotelian scholarship. A international colloquium will be organized annually in order to offer scholars the opportunity to present papers on Aristotle and his influence.


For more information on The Canadian Aristotle Society, or for information on how to become a member of the Society, please contact professor Mark Nyvlt at

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